Our Vineyard Saint Emilon

32 ha

80% of Merlot

This grape has a supple character, it expresses aromas of black fruits, like blackcurrant and blackberry. It is particularly suitable for the terroirs present in Libournais.
The wines of this grape variety have a round, fresh and crunchy character.

10% Cabernet franc

This grape variety is very often blended with Merlot. When planted on clay-sandy soils, Cabernet Franc gives wines with aromas of tobacco, raspberry, blackcurrant and violet. On other soil natures, it can develop notes of pepper.
The wines from Cabernet Franc give balanced, tannic wines with mastered acidity.

10% Cabernet Sauvignon

It is more widely planted in the medoc. This grape variety is characteristic of powerful and tannic wines. It has aromas of small red fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry) when picked at full maturity. On the other hand, it will bring plant and pepper aromas if harvested too green.

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