Philosophy One key word : The Respect

The Respect ...

Wine is the combination between a terroir, a grape variety, a climate and the one that makes the wine.


The notion of terroir is both precise and very vague. It is precise in the mind of the winegrower and very vague when it has to be explained. It is a typicity that is the result of the alliance of soil, grape variety and climate. To respect this famous appellation of Saint Emilion, we must produce wines that are powerful, complex and above all elegant.


The key word is respect;
whether it is the terroir or the taste of our customers.


Reasoned culture

The long experience of growing vines has taught our family a knowledge that allows us to consider things in the long term. The vine is not a crop that can be modified in a few months but whose evolution must be imagined in years since a stock can live more than fifty years. It is this life span of the vine that forces our respect. We have been working on it under the so-called reasoned cultivation method since 1995 without being officially registered. We also use certain products that are approved for organic farming.

Steady progress

In recent years, we have been looking for more fruit and roundness while adding length and breadth, not forgetting the importance of a good balance. We have advanced our wines to meet the changing taste of our customers.


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